Faucet Glass Rinser

RM164.79 MYR

Automatic Cup Washer 

  • Easy to Use Bottle Washer: Just turn the cup mouth down, press the bottom of the cup, and automatically spray water to rinse.After cleaning, take out the cup and stop spraying water automatically.
  • Thoroughly Cup Cleaner for Sink: Are you still struggling to wipe the bottom of the cup? The glass rinser for kitchen sink can be easily cleaned in places not normally touched.Glass rinser suitable for cleaning bottles, coffee cup, wine glasses and drinking cups.
  • Quick Sink Cup Washer: Too many glasses to wash after the party? The Cup Rinser for sink is very suitable for quickly cleaning wine utensils, champagne glasses or wine glasses. Just press lightly to reduce the time of soaking and wiping.
  • Easy to Install Bottle Washer for Sink: It only takes ten minutes to complete the installation easily. The same silvery white as the faucet, which can be perfectly matched with your kitchen environment
  • Simple DIY Replacement: Simple DIY replace the soap dispenser, kitchen sink sprayer or Sink hole cover - is the perfect complement to the kitchen faucet.


  • Easy to install: Simple DIY replacement for a sink sprayer, soap dispenser, or sink hole cover.
  • Super convenient: Rinse most standard drinkware including wine glasses, baby bottles, travel cups, and so on.
  • Position: Installs in a standard countertop/sink hole. (If there is no hole in the countertop, and you have to drill a hole in your sink, please make sure the hole is in right place. Check our description in the picture.)


1. Safe Sealing Gasket

Wstirhy's Food-grade soft sealing gasket, protect your kitchen plumbing and prevent water leakage

Other's No seal gasket, water will leak after a long time

2. Brass Material Prevents Rust

Wstirhy's The mounting shank and the spray head made of brass (Chrome Plating Treatment), and will not rust beside the wet sink

Other's Plastic and steel, easy to age and rust

3. Suitable for All Sinks

Wstirhy's For sinks with the raised ledges, spacer should be used during installation, otherwise it cannot be installed


1. Only One Hand Cleans Bottle

When you only have one hand free, baby bottle washer can help you quickly clean the baby bottle residue. Just press lightly to clean, quickly prepare food for your baby

2. Rinse Every Corner Thoroughly

High-pressure water jets reaches where you can't. Rinse every corner thoroughly to protect family health

3. Best Gift for Family

Glass Rinser can be connected to the hot water supply line. In the cold winter, Glass Rinser is the best gift for the family.

The required supply line (included) can be connected to either the hot or cold water supply line.

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